Traditional Wholesale Program

Suggested Retail Price: $150 

* 40% Wholesale: $60/Bronze Sculpturing (1+ pieces purchased) 

* 36% Wholesale: $55/Bronze Sculpturing (12+ pieces purchased) 

* 33% Wholesale: $50/Bronze Sculpturing (24+ pieces purchased) 

* 30% Wholesale: $45/Bronze Sculpturing (36+ pieces purchased) 

* 26% Wholesale: $40/Bronze Sculpturing (48+ pieces purchased) 

(Wholesale Discounts Applied to Prepaid Orders / Applicable Sales Tax Not Included) 

(For existing limited edition Bronze designs only, view our current Bronze Collection here. To collaborate on a new exclusive design, view the commissioned options below.) 

* FREE Shipping on Traditional Wholesale Orders of $500 or more 

* Additional Discounts for Returning Clients 

* 1-2 Week Turnaround Time on Small Orders 

* 3-4 Week Turnaround Time on Large Orders 

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Digital Distributor Ecommerce Program

Releases your organization from a physical inventory and from buying merchandise upfront 


1. Apply for a unique buyer's discount code 

2. We send you Web ready hi res images, descriptions & piece statistics of existing designs available 

3. Your organization lists the Sculpturing on your ecommerce website 

4. Guests order the Sculpturing from your website at full retail price ($150) 

5. Your organization collects the guest's money 

6. You buy the Sculpturing off our website www.sculpturings.com at a discounted price with your unique buyer's discount code  

7. We fill the order and ship it to you 

8. Your organization ships order to the guest 

9. You keep the profits 

* Small Orders Ship Within 1 Business Week 

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Commissioned & Exclusive Limited Editions

Order an exclusive Sculpturing design that fits your organization! 

We Approach Each Design with Research Based Historical Accuracy 

Design Phase Includes 2 Revision Sessions 



1. Make contact to open a dialogue about your idea 

2. Discuss key symbolic elements that align with your organization's history  

3. Collaborate on the story you want the piece to convey 

4. We sketch an early penciled rendering of the piece's form and composition 

5. Communicate any early revisions to the design you have 

6. We sketch a final penciled rendering of the piece's form and composition 

7. First half/ %50 of total cost due  

8. We make the early prototype  

9. Communicate any early revisions to the prototype you have 

10. We make the final prototype

11. Last half/ %50 of total cost due  

12. We make the mold, carve the wax, cast the pieces, and ship them to you 

* 6-8 Week Turnaround Time on Commissioned and Exclusive Limited Editions 

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